You already love reading Juke online. Now try the offline version! As of today, you can order the Juke book from our Amazon storefront. Hit "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" and twenty-two of the best pieces from Juke's first year will be printed onto smooth, premium paper and delivered straight into your hot little hands. The Juke book is easy to hold, it's engrossing to read, and (best of all) it still has that "new book" smell.

But wait! There's more! You can write in it! You can drip coffee on it! And, even if an electromagnetic pulse somehow wiped out all of the devices on earth, you could still sit with your Juke book among the burning rubble of your city or homestead and reminisce about the good old days of internet media, and that adorable twice-weekly *chime* when each Juke edition rolled into your inbox...

Pick up your copy now!

You can now purchase Juke shirts, Juke tote bags and Juke coffee mugs. Support Juke and show off your great taste in reading material!

The Juke T-Shirts (available in multiple colors)…

The fun one!
Wear it with a leather jacket when you’re feeling too cool for school. $23.55
The brainy ones… with black letters or white letters!

Soft, serious t-shirts for those days when you’re so school it’s cool. $22.95
The Mug!
4 out of 5 baristas want this mug. The 5th wants a better job with health insurance, but she will grudgingly accept this mug instead. $13.95
The Tote!
The Juke Tote. It’ll hold all of it. $22.95

(All the Juke merch is designed by Juke writer Paul Vlachos. While you’re checking it out, take a look at Paul’s other shirts for sale too. You may not have realized until now how much you need a Neon Cowboy, a Psychic sign, or Tacos to Go Shirt.)

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