You can now purchase Juke shirts, Juke tote bags and Juke coffee mugs. Support Juke and show off your great taste in reading material!

The Juke T-Shirts (available in multiple colors)…

The fun one!
Wear it with a leather jacket when you’re feeling too cool for school. $23.55
The brainy ones… with black letters or white letters!

Soft, serious t-shirts for those days when you’re so school it’s cool. $22.95
The Mug!
4 out of 5 baristas want this mug. The 5th wants a better job with health insurance, but she will grudgingly accept this mug instead. $13.95
The Tote!
The Juke Tote. It’ll hold all of it. $22.95

(All the Juke merch is designed by Juke writer Paul Vlachos. While you’re checking it out, take a look at Paul’s other shirts for sale too. You may not have realized until now how much you need a Neon Cowboy, a Psychic sign, or Tacos to Go Shirt.)

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