it just takes that one person, doesn't. it? beautiful piece, Russell.

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Wow: I loved this! Great writing, first off. Michael Pietsch: DFWs early editor on Infinite Jest! You’re right: You got lucky! I’m glad you did. We all need a guy like that. Sounds like an incredible personality. Rare nowadays, huh? I’m 40 and have a few dozens stories and essays published in mags and journals but I’ve written 12 novels and still no agent. Several of my novels got dozens of full agent reads, including one that read it three times and sent me long adoring emails...but then rejected with no explanation. Hate to say it but I’ve also since 2016 gotten explicitly rejected due to being a WSM (White Straight Male).

Anyway. I subscribed. Dig your style.

Michael Mohr

‘Sincere American Writing’


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