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I read this piece with morning coffee. what a perfect way to start the day. thank you!

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This piece certainly brightened a day that's been creeping from not-so-bad to dismal. Woke up fairly cheery considering I've had my arm in a splint since surgery last Friday. Broke it last week when a guy, oblivious to the rules that state one should not walk behind a pickleball court while play is going on, knocked into me as I was moving back for a shot... You get the rest.

So a short while ago I opened my front door & found a note saying I owed a small balance to property mgmt. Irritation blurred my thinking for a moment because I'd just gone down to the office of my high-rise apt. to make certain I had no outstanding balance. "No," the mgr. assured me. Hence, my irritation at receiving the new note in my door.

Ha! That was the not-so-bad part. I read the big sign on the twin elevators, my only access to the outside world, that said, "ELEVATORS DOWN, please excuse the inconvenience." I actually chortled, thinking that this was was some divine hoax. Nah. The elevators are a persistent problem. The residents are making bets on how few days pass with the elevators operational.

Back in my home office, I'm pecking away on my keyboard. Read your "Fall Apart..." piece & it made me feel instantly better. peck peck... Thank you, Tabby.

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