Stick with Alexi; he knows!

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Oct 16, 2023Liked by Tonya Morton, Damon Falke

The observations about being the heroes of our age made me think of DeLillo's "Underworld," which in part is the observation that a great deal of what maintains the planet is how we dispose of our garbage. How very quickly things would go awry without that unspoken underworld of activity.

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Oct 18, 2023Liked by Charles M Pepiton, Damon Falke

I love the rhythm of this piece Damon. And of course my cameo appearance!

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Oct 17, 2023Liked by Tonya Morton, Damon Falke

suddenly I have a craving for finnbiff....and I dont even know exactly what it is....how does one prep reindeer?

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Thank you for this post!

I wrote this poem about woodsmoke and how rare it is becoming at https://frangardner.substack.com/p/purses-and-bags

Autumn Smoke

Fall used to mean smoke

Leafy bonfires,

Warmth on our faces,

Potatoes tucked amid the embers.

But then we cared

About air quality,

And burning leaves . . .

We turned that page.

The Amazon Basin burns,

But not our backyards.

Progress of a sort:

No more campfires, either.

Melt those marshmallows.

In the microwave.

The half-burned gooiness

We loved while camping—

Forget about that.

Age matters for something:

At least I have those memories,

Like eating the charred parts, too.

Today’s children

Have marshmallow treats.

So many things are better now.

Just remember that.

Yet spare a quick thought

For the fires of our youth.

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