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Driving Lessons: The Audio Version

Driving Lessons: The Audio Version

Year-end gifts for everyone! "Driving Lessons" is our first full-length audio essay and "Juke: The Backstory" is now free for everyone to read!

To celebrate the turn of a new year, we’re introducing a new feature to Juke! Over the next few months, I’ll be re-posting some of our most popular Juke pieces as full-length audio essays. It’s an excuse for me to get comfortable with audio editing, and I’m hoping it will be a welcome bonus for those of you who have gone out of your way to support us.

I wrote today’s essay, “Driving Lessons,” while I was parked at a beach north of Los Angeles last spring, not long after I launched Juke. The essay already feels like a relic of an earlier time to me, so it was interesting to discover that reading the piece out loud led me right back into the thoughts I was experiencing as I wrote it.

It took some time to get comfortable with the microphone. I have learned that it takes WAY longer than 15 minutes to create and edit a 15-minute recording; and, also, it’s just impossible to read for that long without messing up somewhere. (Forgive me the occasional foibles.) I feel a little squirmy when I listen to myself talking, but I have begun to feel that audio has a special power. I have really enjoyed each of the shorter audio pieces we have published this year. It seems to add a layer of meaning to hear an author reading his or her own work.

Paid subscribers can hit the play button above to hear the whole piece. (It only costs $6 to become a paid subscriber. We’d love your support.)

And free subscribers will hear a short preview, which may be more than enough. (You get another bonus below!)

Please let me know what you think of the idea of audio essays in the comments. (If you’re a free subscriber, the comment section won’t work, but you can hit reply on the email to reach me, or else comment on the original essay.)

Everyone can read the original essay here:

Driving Lessons
The art of driving comes back to you. The body movements, the concentration, the sense of altered time. Everything comes back, it turns out. In the months after my divorce, I am learning how to bring back the parts of me that I let fall away over the years…
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Plus, as an end-of-year gift for our free subscribers…

“Juke: The Backstory” was originally available to paid subscribers only. Now it’s open to everyone! Click the link below to read Juke’s origin story…

Juke: the Backstory
Today’s post—which covers some of the backstory of how “Juke” came to be—was initially available just for our community of paid subscribers. It was also an opportunity for me to ask those readers about the possibility of new audio features for Juke, which is why we were talking about audio in the comments section…
Read more

And before we sign off for 2022, thank you—all of you—for making the first year of Juke so fantastic. I’m grateful to have you as friends and readers. Please stay in touch.

Now, on to 2023!

— Tonya M


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