It’s me and the darkness. Out in the desert, I'm just trying to get to a motel room and some peace.
A new poem from Ned Mudd.

January 2023

How many times have I felt I didn't belong? I felt it here first.
The Witching Hour: Audio VersionEscucha ahora (8 min) | "That's when the dark thoughts visit..."
New Fiction by Anthony Head. "You wonder, who was supposed to save Morrison? Who was supposed to save RJ?"
It's our quarterly contributor smorgasbord! We're talking about food this time and everyone is invited to join in!
In this collage of objects and memory, I needed to know what was outside. The snow, the cold, the sea down below the house where the waves curled and…
Overnight, all the road signs along the highway had miles and kilometers listed at the same time. It was harrowing.
I drove away from that house, night after night. I knew I could drive away again.
Elon Musk's brain chips in your skull, Lethal robot dogs on the prowl, Lab-grown chicken wings in the fridge... The newest headlines from the bright…
When I get to the desert, I find a place to park. I turn off the engine, then just sit back and let the quiet envelop me. The emptiness expands and…

December 2022

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